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Our School

Principal's Message


It gives me great pleasure to bring greetings on behalf of this noble institution. The task for me is nostalgic, being a past student. When you hear of fourty five years, one tends to think of several years gone by but it seems like only yesterday for many. The memorable experiences, too much to mention, will never be forgotten.

One certain thing is that those experiences paved the way for what this institution has become. We have grown from our humble beginnings and can now boast excellent achievements in all areas of the school's life. We have become a force to be reckoned with in sports, Festival of the Performing Arts (speech, dance, and drama, music - traditional and folk) debate, School’s Challenge Quiz and many other areas. Our graduates have gained knowledge, developed skills and honed attitudes and values that are essential for a productive and successful life.

Miss Trudy Hardy, Principal

Director & Founder's Message


I am extremely proud and honoured to celebrate our school. The school has maintained its very strong character and purpose over the years as my original idea was not just to meet the demand for students to achieve mastering of the 3 R’s: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic but to nurture well rounded boys and girls.

It has not been easy, as throughout the years the perseverance, dedication and hard work of my diligent staff and well wishers have helped Lannaman’s Preparatory become a favourable institution

Miss Marcia DeHaney, Director & Founder

About School

Meet Our Teachers


1st Grade

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4th Grade

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Teacher 2

2nd Grade

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Teacher 5

5th Grade

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3rd Grade

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Teacher 6

6th Grade

The Lannaman's Preparatory School had its genesis  in September 1975 at Montgomery Avenue, Kingston 10. A Private Institution founded by its now Director, Marcia DeHaney, opened its doors with only two students. Miss DeHaney, a modest, devoted, patient, generous teacher nurtured and cared for those students meticulously. Soon her fame spread throughout the community and the school population mushroomed almost overnight.


Miss DeHaney is a visionary and a self-motivated teacher and a stickler for discipline. She was determined to succeed and soon implemented the motto: "EXCELLENCE IN ALL THINGS". She then set about the task to mould young lives into Well rounded students.

Mission Statement

Lannaman’s Preparatory School is devoted to providing an atmosphere that facilitates learning and which produces self respecting, socially responsible, independent and well rounded individuals.

We accept the responsibility for creating a nurturing environment where students can explore their own interests and gain life skills.

We provide a strong foundation for continuous academic, physical and social growth by helping students reach their full potential through collaboration of home, school and community.

We strive for Excellence in all things.

Vision Statement

The vision of Lannaman’s Preparatory School is to become the institution of choice, providing balanced, wholesome education through the employment of qualified professionals, appropriate technology and the implementation of relevant programmes.

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