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Brownies follow a programme where they do fun activities, play games and earn skills builder badges, all while being supported by trained volunteers.


Teachers:  Ms. N. Newman
The Lannaman's Prep Brownie Pack is affiliated with the Girl's Guide Association, which is a world wide organization.

This uniformed movement is aimed at enhancing our girls' development. There are about forty different activities the girls can do to earn badges. Some engage in a few activities while others participate in all activities in order to have their sashes filled with badges.

At Lannaman's Prep the Brownie Pack has an enrolment of thirty six (36) girls and two (2) leaders. Meetings are held every Friday from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. Some of the activities include sports day, revelling, thinking day and parades.

The girls are taught various skills such as baking, sewing, cooking, knotting and art and craft. Other activities include singing, playing games, learning personal hygiene, proper deportment and entering competitions such as Mini Miss and Miss Brownie. The brownies also visit children's homes and homes for the elderly. They care for them in various ways. Teachers are also given a treat by the brownies on Teachers Day.

In doing these activities, the girls are encouraged to better help themselves and to be better girls and later better women in the society. Brownies are encouraged to live up to their motto: "Lend a Hand".

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